Sustainable Commitment

Uniplex Business Solutions understands how the world and its respective communities are evolving, where we want to get involved in its development through the use of technology and strategic thinking. We actively seek to generate value and support our communities, with the aim of promoting a good formation of our future generations.

We promote the development of young Ecuadorians through involvement in their educational training, strategic advice and administrative support to key foundations. We are actively involved in the development and participation of organizational events, where we have the opportunity to generate value for the growth of the foundations we support. We are strategic allies of the most important youth development foundations in Ecuador, where we seek to grow with our allies and the communities they support.

Junior Achievement Ecuador is a non-profit organization that seeks to train entrepreneurs through educational programs, with the support of local and international organizations. Junior Achievement Ecuador seeks to benefit mainly students and people with limited financial resources, so that, with the knowledge and experience acquired, and based on their own efforts, they can forge a better future. Robert Moss, Executive President of Uniplex Business Solutions, is part of the board of Junior Achievement Ecuador.

Scouts Ecuador is the largest youth movement in Ecuador, as well as worldwide. It is located in more than 216 countries and has more than 50 million members. Scouts seeks to encourage girls, boys, adolescents and young people in their desire to discover and recognize themselves as valuable human beings who can offer a positive contribution in society, aware of their responsibility for caring for the environment. Robert Moss, Executive President of Uniplex Business Solutions, is part of the board of Scouts Ecuador.

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