To assist our corporate clients with world-class enterprise solutions, contributing to their growth and competitiveness through high quality corporate consulting, at a national and international level.



To establish ourselves as regional leaders in corporate digital transformation.



We have an absolute commitment to integrity and respect. This commitment is extended to our collaborators, clients, allies, suppliers and the different communities in which we labor. We value long-term relations, strengthened daily through unbiased and responsible activities, oriented towards results.
Robert Moss - CEO, Uniplex Business Solutions

Competitive Advantages

37 years of experience offering highquality consulting services, implementation and support of digital solutions, transforming today´s businesses into tomorrow´s Ecuadorian industry leaders.

Qualified personnel, with ample experience in information technology project management.

Strong presence in the Ecuadorian market, with ample capacity to manage digital transformation projects, in collaboration with specialized local and/or international consultants.

Digital Transformation

Technology is rapidly advancing in all aspects of human activity. Its development is exponential, not linear. With this in mind, there are immense consequences on the day-to-day activities around the world, which are highly disruptive.


Anticipate technology trends and assist our clients in taking the right decisions, at the right times.

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 Support our clients during the implementation processes, through our Project Management team.

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Assess our clients on the impacts that these technological changes, individually or collectively, can have within their operations and business strategies.

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 Maintain a permanent and longterm relation with our clients, prioritizing outstanding customer experience with our products and services.

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Assess our clients by choosing the best enterprise solutions, in terms of quality, quantity and financial value.




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